Cylinder and packing lubrication systems for compressors are not only a critical component of equipment reliability, but the optimization and care of these systems is vital in today’s competitive markets. Industry continually drives compressor manufacturers for more efficiency and reliability in their reciprocating equipment and the lubrication system plays a critical role. Increased production and reduced operational costs add to increased profits for the company.

Key Components

Lincoln product brochure

Lincoln product brochure

  • Lincoln MC2-HP Divider Blocks
    • Precise measuring of lubricant
    • Enables monitoring and trending of critical variables of system operation
    • Quality manufacturing and professional assembly & testing prior to installation
    • Superior service life
  • BSA High Pressure Inline Filters
    • 5, 10 and 25 micron filter elements available
    • Elements easily replaced without removing tubing connections
    • Contaminate is trapped inside the disposable filter element
    • Versatile design – (2) inlets & (2) outlets (optional gauge ports in/out)
    • Lightweight aluminum construction for panel mounting

  • BSA Injection Point Check Valves with Lube Seal Adapters
    • Stainless Steel construction with integral compression fitting (no additional fitting required)
    • Coin seated check valves for superior seating
    • Lube seal adapters maintain oil between lube point and check valve – positive liquid seal
      • Prevents gas from finding its way around check sealing surface causing aeration


  • Optimized oil consumption & minimized effects of lubricant downstream
  • Design, manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance expertise
  • Quality components means repeatable performance and long service life


  • Natural Gas compressors – separable and integral machines in Natural Gas Production & Transmission
  • Process gas compressors in Petro-Chemical Plants & Refineries
  • Fuel gas compressors feeding gas turbines
  • Air compressors in Heavy Manufacturing Facilities