The variety of Industrial in-plant lubrication applications are as varied as is the equipment available to accomplish the task. Drip oilers, oil cans, and hand operated grease guns are disappearing; and so are the maintenance personnel to perform these routine jobs. With leaner operations comes the need to automate as much of the lubrication process as possible, which frees up severely limited manpower.

Key Components

Lincoln product brochure

Lincoln product brochure

  • Lubrication pumps offer the greatest variety among lube system components

    • Pumps get the lubricant supply from original pails, kegs, drums, or multiple sizes of self-contained reservoirs

    • Hand, Air, AC/DC or hydraulic operated pumps

    • Built-in: controllers, feedback monitoring, pressure switches/transducers, low level sensors

    • Single Stroke, reciprocating, and rotary driven - for the widest range of lubricant delivery

    • Single and multi-point lubricators with built in timers, pre-filled or fillable reservoirs

  • Metering Devices

    • Positive displacement divider blocks – modular/segmented or traditional style; single-line progressive or dual line; carbon steel or stainless steel construction

    • Single-line injectors – wide range of lubricant displacement; multiple size injectors used in the same circuit; carbon steel or stainless steel construction


  • Optimized oil consumption & minimized effects of lubricant downstream

  • Design, manufacturing, testing, installation and maintenance expertise

  • Quality components means repeatable performance and long service life


  • Natural Gas compressors – separable and integral machines in Natural Gas Production & Transmission

  • Process gas compressors in Petro-Chemical Plants & Refineries

  • Fuel gas compressors feeding gas turbines

  • Air compressors in Heavy Manufacturing Facilities