Many companies will be happy to sell you a product. They will take your order, ship it to you, and say thanks for the business. We can certainly do that for you. But we always look to do more. 

Our goal is to find a way to partner with our customers in a way not available elsewhere. There will always be another product, and always another company to sell that product, but we don't want there to be another Bill Spitzer and Associates. Here is how we achieve that:


  • Problem Diagnosis and Recommendations

    • With 100+ years collective experience between our inside and outside sales force, we've seen just about every problem and there are few we can't solve. The technical expertise of our sales personnel is perhaps our largest advantage for our customers. Whether you need on-site assistance, or simply need technical assistance over the phone or email, we will work with you to diagnose your issue and provide the proper recommendations that lead to results.

  • System Design

    • Our design team has experience unmatched in the industry, and provides a critical space between the customer and manufacturer. Our team will design your system to fit your exact needs at the right price, providing detailed drawings where necessary. We consistently look for ways to improve and innovate our designs, working closely with our manufacturers to stay current on all new technology.

  • Inventory and Response Times

    • We understand the importance of quickly responding and reacting to customers' needs. With warehouses in Houston, Odessa, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi, we have local inventory available for the wide majority of products we sell, cutting down on lead times and keeping customers out of a pinch. When installation or repairs are needed, we can get to you quickly with one of our 6 full-time service technicians.


  • Installation

    • Our service technicians are highly qualified and experienced, with in-depth knowledge and understanding of our systems and associated applications. We see them as the backbone of our ability to provide top notch service, and another differentiating factor between us and competitors.

  • Supervision and Commissioning

    • We have time tested processes to ensure system design and engineering is robust, installation is sound, and ultimately flawless operation of our systems. Our methodology is to maintain an "extra set of eyes" on the entire process, from start to start-up, and it is our commitment to be on-site with you once it's time to get your systems up and running.


  • Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

    • Though a job or order may be complete, our service obligation to customers remains. Due to the harsh environments in which our systems operate, repairs are an inevitable part of the business. In addition to our outside service technicians handling repairs in the field, our in-house repair shop can get your products or systems back up and running in short order. Ideally, we look to setup PM schedules to ensure issues are caught on the front end, rather than when it's too late.

  • Support And Customer Service

    • Every person on our staff plays a role in supporting customers at some point in the process. Whether it's a copy of an old invoice, searching for tracking information, needing spare parts, or even just a basic question about a part's operation, we are committed to ensuring customers are supported every step of the way. Even if significant technical help is needed, our inside technical support team is incredibly strong and only a phone call or email away.