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In many cases, centralized and progressive style lubrication systems take precedent in the majority of our customer’s automated lubrication system demands. With that said, single point lubrication remains a common practice in many applications we encounter on a daily basis. The ease of installation, combined with the lack of need for additional wiring or extensive plumbing, makes single point lubrication a great option for remote or minimal lubricant consumption applications.

The Perma Star Vario mounts directly to the lubricant inlet, or using Perma’s optional bracket, and requires a minimal run of hose or tubing.

Perma Star Vario’s Features and Benefits:

  • Reusable electromechanical drive utilizing 4.5V serviceable battery pack
  • 1,2,3-12 month discharge rates as well as a purge function to clear blockages
  • Discharge rates can be modified at any time
  • LCD display & LED visual indicators, remote quick function control allows for ease of trouble shooting unit errors
  • Unit operating pressures of 6 bar

The Perma Star Vario, as well as many of the other Perma products, utilizes prefilled customer specified lubricant cartridges.

The 60, 120, and 250 cm3 replacement lubricant cartridges come standard with a new battery pack. These cartridges operate using the same electromechanical head unit.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your potential need for single point lubrication.


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