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Being one of the largest Lincoln distributors of automated grease and oil systems gives us the opportunity to work on several different applications. Each one is different from the next and presents it owns challenges.

This particular system was installed over the weekend by our service technicians at a machine shop west of Houston.

This Horizontal Planer Mill has a manufacturer-installed way lube system that has not worked in years. The operator has been forced to utilize a squirt bottle of oil throughout the day just to keep his machine running.

We came in and installed this Lincoln Centro-Matic P653S Oil System, which is actually one of the first for Lincoln. The P653S pump has been a huge seller for Lincoln on the grease side due to its fully integrated and rugged design. The demand for a version for oil was there and it is finally available.

This pump is feeding twelve Lincoln SL-32 Injectors, which fire a metered amount of oil to the ways upon reaching pressure from the pump.

The client currently has this system setup to go off once every 30 minutes and we will assist in monitoring the performance over the next couple of weeks.

This system can be utilized on several different applications in just about any industry. Contact us today to discuss your application and possible solutions for your lubrication problems!


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