Facility fluid storage and handling comes with its own set of unique challenges. That is where customizable solutions can aid with maximizing inventory control, retrieval time, and available storage space while improving safety, housekeeping, and handling costs. The proper storage and efficient access to industrial lubricants and fluids, coupled with their mobility around the facility, will pay dividends that add up quickly.

Key Components - The IFH Storage System

  • Customizable racking systems with 65-gallon steel or SS storage fluid containers - taking advantage of vertical space for storage
  • Vented 65-gallon containers – the additional container capacity allows you to empty full 55-gallon drums before the overhead container is empty
  • Sight gauges, gallonage strips, labeled faucets and containers – making inventory control and product identification much easier
  • Drip pans and self-closing faucets – ensures controllable flow from faucets that cannot be left partially open while and spills and drips are contained
  • The Storage System is easily and cost effectively expandable as the need for more fluid increase

Key Features - Mobile Fluid Handling Carts

  • Customizable mobile fluid handling carts – 100+ standard cart models holding 15, 30, 65-gallon containers, electric, air or hand-operated pumps; hose reels, volume and meter nozzles, filters and tool storage. Fewer trips by maintenance personnel means efficiency
  • Each fluid handling cart is one big drip pan – keeps housekeeping to a minimum
  • Rugged construction in a compact size – high load wheel bearings with tight turning radius


  • Lube Storage Rooms – Food and Beverage Packaging, Light & Heavy Manufacturing, Machine Shops, Fabrication Facilities
  • Remote unit lubricant storage – Petro-Chemical and Refining, Power Generation