Oil Mist - Alemite EM Cabinet

Simple – Cost effective Solutions

Oil Mist lubrication has been in use since the 1930’s and has been historically seen as a low cost variant to the typical centralized liquid oil lubrication approach to lubricate bearings. The primary method of distribution for oil mist is simply compressed air or nitrogen delivering the lubricant to the equipment; thereby eliminating the need for expensive pumping mechanisms and metering devices.

Technology has driven many improvements in the operation, performance, and reliability of our lubricated equipment – that same technology has equally had an impact on the design of commercially available Oil Mist Lubrication Systems. Although continuous feedback of every operating condition within the given system may seem advantageous, it can often over shadow the beauty of oil mist lubrication. And that is the simplicity of Oil Mist - reduced installation and maintenance efforts, while delivering a continuous supply of fresh oil to the bearings at a very low cost.

Bill Spitzer & Associates and Alemite both recognize that there are applications where a more simple and proven path in the design of the Oil Mist System makes more sense economically and functionally. That system is our new EM cabinet.

This new design of EM cabinet has been developed primarily to get back to the basics of what you need to know about the operating status of your oil mist system. The system has alarm conditions for the oil heater, air heater, low oil level and air pressure. Those four conditions are the most important to monitor regularly while making oil mist. Although having additional forms of measurement can be nice, these non-critical conditions are rarely verified and can cause frequent nuisance alarms which are a problem for operators. Our EM cabinets are comparable to what was developed in the 1950’s and can still be found working in facilities today. By re-creating these cabinets we are getting rid of the idea that you have to spend thousands of dollars every 7-15 years to replace oil mist cabinets made “obsolete” by the newest marketing gimmicks.

The EM cabinet offers the end user a simple, cost effective and compact unit to reliably supply lubricant to your rolling element bearings - using the same technology that the Petrochemical industry adopted decades ago. Bill Spitzer & Associates has over 30 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Centralized Oil Mist Lubrication Systems.

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